Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Dental Studio Belgrade Kolmident

Teeth whitening is a completely safe procedure of cosmetic dentistry. White and shiny teeth beautify and rejuvenate every person and undoubtedly has become imperative of the modern era.

The satisfied patients who have gone through this procedure without the inconvenience and who gained out of it the satisfaction and better quality of life are the reason why the teeth whitening has become one of the interventions readily recommended by Kolmident dental studio.

The teeth whitening procedure can be carried out in the practice facility or at home.

The former is carried out on the outpatient basis with the use of lasers or Dash system (DiscusDental, USA). The advantage of this procedure is that the teeth whitening ends in one visit and is controlled by the dentist.

Home whitening implies taking patient’s teeth print on the basis of which a splint (foil) is made to be taken over by the patient along with a tube of whitener (NiteWhite ACP DiscusDental, USA). The patient, having been previously trained in the office, at night, while sleeping, wears the splint filled with whitening agent. After 2-3 nights teeth get whitened considerably. The patient him/herself controls the process of whitening and can suspend the procedure at any point when they become satisfied with the effect.

The experience of the Kolmident dental studio practices has shown that it is enough to use the whitener for 10-15 days to achieve the desired colour, and a significant advantage of the procedure is that a sufficient quantity of whitener always remains in the tube, which allows you to repeat the procedure some time later.
A special feature that we want to point out separately is the whitening of devitalized (“dead”) teeth. The patients with treated teeth eventually face the unpleasantness of their darkening and discolouration, which, when visible, are aesthetically unacceptable. Whitening of devitalized teeth means putting the whitener into the tooth by the dentist, and its replacement every 7 days. Combined with other methods of whitening, not more than 2-3 visits are needed before the satisfactory result are achieved.