Children’s dentistry

Pediatric dentistry - Dental Studio Belgrade Kolmident

We are trying to spread the motto of Kolmident dental studio practice, “My own teeth for a life time”, among the youngest patients by advising them on proper eating habits and oral hygiene, as well as regular checkups and involving the prevention programmes.
The first examination is reserved for introducing the “little patient” to the dentist, the clinic premises, the machinery and the instruments. During this visit soft plaque removal and tooth fluoridation may be carried out, which majority of children willingly accept.
We are aware that little patients are sensitive to praise and reward so, in theKolmident dental clinics, they will always be given a suitable present.
The importance of baby teeth is unjustifiably diminished as the result of the fact that they change over time and because we all lose them without exception.
When treating baby teeth the Kolmident dental studio practice uses Glass Ionomer filling that protects the treated tooth from the occurrence of secondary caries (“caries around filling”) by releasing fluoride, which, in its area of affection, protects teeth from their initial demineralization either.
The prevention programmes include fluoridation of teeth (high concentrated fluoride varnish and gels) and fissure sealants.
Fissure sealing is a painless, non-invasive procedure (“machineless procedure”) that protects the chewing surfaces of baby and permanent posterior teeth from caries with the application of special materials, i.e. sealants.
If there is a failure of the permanent tooth it will be remedied with minimally invasive technique, and the tooth will be taken care of by quality composite fillings that have an anti-plaque effect and fluoride release (SHOFU GIOMER).
At each visit to the Kolmident dental studio practice, every patient but one will be treated with ToothMousse paste for free. This drug, also known as “liquid enamel”, contains calcium and phosphate ions, which are normally found in tooth structure, and this way the teeth will be strenghtened and the remineralization of initial carious lesions (“white spots on teeth”) will also be supported. The product has no adverse systemic effects, so it is recommended to young children and pregnant women.